Blessed Breakfast

LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_BestVegetarianBreakfast_BestVeganBreakfast_OatsAlmondMilkChiaSeeds_MostPinnedPhoto_KitchenDecor_SilkAlmondMilk_Recipes-1-2 2LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_BestVegetarianBreakfast_BestVeganBreakfast_OatsAlmondMilkChiaSeeds_MostPinnedPhoto_KitchenDecor_SilkAlmondMilk_Recipes-1-5LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_BestVegetarianBreakfast_BestVeganBreakfast_OatsAlmondMilkChiaSeeds_MostPinnedPhoto_KitchenDecor_SilkAlmondMilk_Recipes-1-4LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_BestVegetarianBreakfast_BestVeganBreakfast_OatsAlmondMilkChiaSeeds_MostPinnedPhoto_KitchenDecor_SilkAlmondMilk_Recipes-1-2LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_BestVegetarianBreakfast_BestVeganBreakfast_OatsAlmondMilkChiaSeeds_MostPinnedPhoto_KitchenDecor_SilkAlmondMilk_Recipes-1-3I am atleast a few years behind in trying Chia seeds, but boy am I hooked! If you are like me – always struggling to find healthy but delicious breakfast options and moreover – vegetarian ones – this recipe is a blessing! Trust me – its a revolution! All of you who know me or follow me on Instagram – know that I am ALWAYS hungry! I love this recipe because its quick to prepare, healthy, filling and almost feels like having dessert for breakfast. That’s a blessing in my books.

Oats with Almond Milk & Chia Seeds


  • Old Fashioned oats
  • Chia seeds
  • Almond milk
  • Bananas/Raisins/Apples/Berries/Nuts ( walnuts, pecans, almonds)

Method :

1. Soak the oats overnight in almond milk ( and put in the refrigerator )
2. In the morning, add more milk if you like &  top with anything your heart fancies ( I mix it up – with different combination of nuts & fruits – Walnuts+Bananas is my favorite though)
3) Sprinkle chia seeds (generously)

Let me know if you give this a try =)) xo – Neha

Wearing top, Milk & Honey cutting board, India Circus mug


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Let’s not talk about the weather

LovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1It’s weird how the weather plays such a huge role in our lives in Boston – it is one of the most common conversation starters and sometimes the only topic of discussion ( snooze fest – sorry! ) Agreed – its difficult to break the ice with people you’ve never met before – but I think the universe now demands us to be creative – to make that lasting impression – that may help you land a job or get an invitation to the most happening dinner party. No pressure, right? =)) I found these cool books – Conversation starters for any occasion & Family Gathering table topics  – which are fun to read and might come in handy to mix it up when you aren’t feeling so creative!

Talking about being creative – did you notice that I am not wearing a jacket or a sweater or boots. Must be the weather – huh? =)) I recently came across this store – Show me your Mumu and while I don’t know what Mumu really means, this is me showing my boho side – my alter ego’s mumu! What I am currently wearing as a top, is actually a dress and is going to soon make it back to the blog styled differently – weather permitting, ofcourse! x0 – NehaLovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1-7 LovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1-4 LovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1-2LovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1-6LovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1-3 LovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1-8

Show me your Mumu top – c/o, Ariat skirt -c/o ( similar options here & here below $25) , Burberry flats ( similar here & here below $25 ), 3B Leather Goods bag – c/o, Headbands under $5 – here, here & here


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Winter Whites

LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-28Are you a “no white after labor day” kinda girl or like me – no calendar when it comes to #ootd . There’s really no rules in my closet when it comes to white!  Its pristine and plus can you think of a better color to brighten up the winter days? Monochromatic outfits can be intimidating – trust me – I am right there with you, especially – when the hue is not black! If you don’t want to commit to an all-white attire, you can think of it as a base for colorful accessories and catchy layers. This shaggy jacket is so cute in person, I was actually stopped a couple of times on the streets and asked where it was from. In my book – that’s every penny well spent!

Btw – did I tell you guys, there’s grass peeking from the snow on the ground!! I never thought that I would be so excited to see grass. haha! You know what this signifies – Hope! Hope that warmer days are coming and spring is just around the corner!

I also wanted to share with you guys, this wonderful jewelery rental service – Rocksbox. You get a curated jewelry box and its yours to keep as long as you like, return it and get another one. Like having new baubles all the time! If you’d like to try it – use this code Nehabff15 to sign up and you get a month free ! =)) I would love to know if you tried it and what you think about it.

Have a wonderful week, loves & thank you so much for stopping by –  xo- Neha/Love Playing DressupLovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-29LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-8LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-27 LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-13 LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites_Rocksbox-1 LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites_Rocksbox-1-3LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-3 LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-10 LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-26LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-17 LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites_Rocksbox-1-3

Urban Outfitters shirt, Topshop pants, Amy Clubwear sandals – c/o, Rocksbox necklace, Urban Outfitters jacket, India Trend clutch – c/o


NYFW Diaries

LovePlayingDressup-Instagram-1There’s just something about Fashion Week. Its like Disneyland – with an extremely high glam quotient! the packed schedule, running between shows, the shows, models, throngs of photographers, meetings, everything..I love it all. The blog has given me so many exciting opportunities and getting to go to Fashion Week is definitely somewhere on the top. I had some really wonderful moments and to be extremely honest , there were some not so wonderful ones as well. Read why…

Favorite Moments ( not in any particular order  )

1. getting invited! – When I started writing Love Playing Dressup, I had thought to myself that if I get invited to an actual Fashion Show – that would mean something.  It felt like a milestone. Couldn’t even begin to tell you how excited I was! =))

2. Kate Spade Presentation

3. Front Row Seats at Mongol & Reem Acra – Oh My God! Front. Row

4. Amit driving me down to New York in the middle of a snow storm – I must have said this a million times, but this blog wouldnt exist if it weren’t for him So thank you A!

5. Meeting these wonderful blogger babes –  Zunera & Zahra

6. hair game at Mara Hoffman & classy vibe at Zimmermann

and now .. some Not so Favorite Moments

1. the weather – unbearable cold coupled with running to shows in heels = brain freeze + getting some real feet hatred

2. losing new leather gloves – and then having to make do all day with street bought ugly manly ones

3. missing dinner with Anna Wintour… ok that’s just plain lie. coz you know who can miss having dinner with miss A. =)) But not even catching a glimpse of AW or David Beckham.. knowing they were right there !!! blahhhhh


This is NOT a joke. I was in the 3rd row for the Cushnie Et Ochs show and got up to take a better picture. Then something happened… slipped and fell directly-face-down on the runway hitting a photographer – thank god!! coz that’s what stopped me from falling in front of a model and making her trip or worse yet… walk over me! I am so sure someone caught the whole scene and it’s just a matter of time before they upload it on YouTube as the “girl who fell during fashion week”!! Now that I think about it…this actually might be my most favorite moment there!

xo- Neha aka the girl who fell during fashion week and loves playing dressup =))LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)

LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-2 LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-3Mongol 

LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-4 LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-5 LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-6 LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-7Cushnie Et Ochs

LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-8running between shows

LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-11 LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-12Mara Hoffmann

LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-10At the Lulu’s Party

LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-9