Little Black Dress

LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-9Happy Monday loves! This is what I wore last Saturday when I was in New York for Fashion Week. It was brutally cold that week and although I have been going through the snowcopalyse that has hit Boston – the weather in New York was just another league! I have to tell you’ll this – when I was doing this shoot outside Lincoln Center, a few people stopped and snapped away my pictures as well. The mister tells me that’s probably because everyone thought I was a model. ( never mind him …he’s took vows to say the right things! =)) ) I think – it’s because people wanted to capture this and show all their friends, that some crazy lady probably out of her mind was going without a jacket and those heels in that -10F of the weather!

But you need to understand that I was channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn. And she isn’t afraid of the cold. She doesn’t mind what others think and of running wild. She walks in the city, braves the storm, holds her head high and does what she loves doing. She thinks about the future, worries what it holds but lives in the present. She loves and wants to be loved. She is me.. and she is you ! And – she always… always loves her little black dresses!LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-5 LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-6 LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-8LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-1 LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-4 LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-2 LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-3

Adrianna Pappell dress – c/o, BCBG pumps, Gucci crossbody, Faux-fur wrap