Striped Pants

Love Playing DressupEvery once in a while, I find myself in a rut! It becomes apparent, when in the kitchen, I am making the same-ole dishes and in the closet, reaching for the same outfit again and again. The days feel like nothing but clockwork and a monotony starts setting in. I have realized that this happens mostly when life is going with full steam ahead, at a pace so fast, that there are no breaks taken to look around. Let me tell you – I don’t like that! I have been frantically looking for something to shake my monotony off. No amount of pinning or shopping was giving me what I really needed. And then I realized, the inspiration I have been looking for, was right there – at home! My husband! I find myself trying to be like him without really trying to – the calmness, patience and that humor. When I don’t know what to do in a situation – I think about what he would do. This time, I did what he does when everything else fails – give something totally unexpected a chance and see how that goes. I wouldn’t normally attempt to wear pinstripes. But, I did and realized these stripes are what I needed to break the circle of monotony. I am back in my element, running again at full speed. But this time I know, if I fall in that rut again – my inspiration is right besides me.

With the highest highs
And the lowest lows
no one shakes me like you do

~ Happy Birthday ~Love Playing Dressup_striped trousers 5 Love Playing Dressup_Striped Trousers 1Love Playing Dressup_Striped Trousers Love Playing Dressup_striped trousers 7 Love Playing Dressup_striped trousers 6Love Playing Dressup_Striped Trousers 2Love Playing Dressup_striped trousers 4 Love Playing Dressup_striped trousers 3

Forever21 top, Zara pants, Forever21 blazer, Chanel espadrilles, 3B Leather goods clutch – c/o, Celine sunnies 

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