Closet Reveal

LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-1Today I am giving you a little peek into my closet.  This is the place where I play dressup the most. Styling sessions happen here – sometimes with my husband standing by the door and patiently nodding, approving or offering suggestions. Sometimes, I would curl up here with a hot cup of tea and a book. Or Ill be sprawled on the floor and work on the blog. This is a place of love and inspiration and I always try to keep it that way – even after it feels like its been hit by a tornado at the end of each day =)) Its my little alcove in the house – my niche!

Like I had posted on Instagram, my husband was working on a few pieces for my closet – the mirror being one of them. He converted my boring drug store-bought mirror into this beautiful piece of art. I got the cabinet a couple of years ago at an estate sale and he upgraded it to what now holds all my accessories and other pieces. We also painted the plain white blinds with white and gold alternated bands, which brings the whole room together and is so me.LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-2LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-BloggerCloset-NehaGandhi-3LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-BloggerCloset-NehaGandhi-4LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-6LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-BloggerCloset-NehaGandhi-7LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-BloggerCloset-NehaGandhi-8LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-9 LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-10 LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-BloggerCloset-NehaGandhi-11LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-BloggerCloset-NehaGandhi-12LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-BloggerCloset-NehaGandhi-13 LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-BloggerCloset-NehaGandhi-15 LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-BloggerCloset-NehaGandhi-16LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-BloggerCloset-NehaGandhi-17LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-BloggerCloset-NehaGandhi-18LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-BloggerCloset_17LovePlayingDressup-ClosetReveal-BloggerCloset-NehaGandhi-5

Few items used in the closet decor – Faux fur ottoman, Gold vase, Rug, Lipstick holder options – 1//2

Hope you love it as much as I do – xo – Neha Gandhi/Love Playing Dressup