Put a bow on it


Rare London skirt – c/o, Madewell white shirt, Ukies heels – c/o ( win a pair – enter giveaway here) , Greg Micheals bag – c/o, custom-made double pearl earrings – similar here, bowtie – you can even repurpose an old hair accessory with a safety pin

My heartbeat was getting faster as I rolled into the scanning machine. What resembled a cockpit was swallowing me and I was feeling helpless. I hit the panic button almost instctively and the machine rolled back out. I couldn’t breathe and asked the nurse to get my husband from the waiting room. We decided to give it another try. He promised to keep his hand on my leg to reassure me that he was right there.

They hit the button again and I was being pulled inside. Panic started kicking in and claustrophobia that I did not know existed

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