Flowy Dress

LovePlayingDressup_AMERICAN_EAGLE_OOTD-3American Eagle dress – c/o, Converse sneakers, Tory Burch tote ( this one is sold out – but similar here & budget-friendly option ), Ray-ban sunglasses via Sunglasses-shop, Carolee earrings

When the weekend rolls in and there’s an entire to-do list sitting in front of me for the weekend, the last thing I want to worry about is “what to wear” and “what to pair with that”! After a week of craziness, long hours, meeting-after-meeting – its time to hit the reset button and pull out the no-fuss, throw-on & go outfit. Brights for summer, boho for style & comfort on top of my mind – this dress

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Girl & the City

LovePlayingDressup_TALBOTS_QUINCY_OOTD-22Talbots dress & belt – c/o, Amiclubwear pumps – c/o, Gucci bag, custom-made pearl earrings – similar

When we’ve lived in a place for a long time, we start taking all that it has to offer for granted. It’s so easy to get pulled in the daily hustle that the charm of the place that draws other people to it, might be completely lost on us. Almost a decade ago, when I first moved to Boston, on the drive from the airport to my apartment – I remember – sitting with my face pressed against  cab’s window,

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Leopard Print Trend + a Giveaway

LovePlayingDressup2LeopardPrint_LivingRoom LeopardOutdoor( image source : linked on the image )

LovePlayingDressup3BedroomOttoman LovePlayingDressup4

image sources : linked


My school uniform was a beige pinafore – the most understated color and outfit style ever! Leopard or animal print would have been the exact opposite of what the school mandated! I can almost visualize Miss.Elaine’s eyes pop out if I dared to wear a leopard print hair-ribbon! hah! If it scared me then, how am I not even the slightest wary of wearing it today and seamlessly incorporate that print in my corporate life? Simple answer :

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Winter Whites

LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-28Are you a “no white after labor day” kinda girl or like me – no calendar when it comes to #ootd . There’s really no rules in my closet when it comes to white!  Its pristine and plus can you think of a better color to brighten up the winter days? Monochromatic outfits can be intimidating – trust me – I am right there with you, especially – when the hue is not black! If you don’t want to commit to an all-white attire, you can think of it as a base for colorful accessories and catchy layers. This shaggy jacket is so cute in person, I was actually stopped a couple of times on the streets and asked where it was from. In my book – that’s every penny well spent!

Btw – did I tell you guys, there’s grass peeking from the snow on the ground!! I never thought that I would be so excited to see grass. haha! You know what this signifies – Hope! Hope that warmer days are coming and spring is just around the corner!

I also wanted to share with you guys, this wonderful jewelery rental service – Rocksbox. You get a curated jewelry box and its yours to keep as long as you like, return it and get another one. Like having new baubles all the time! If you’d like to try it – use this code Nehabff15 to sign up and you get a month free ! =)) I would love to know if you tried it and what you think about it.

Have a wonderful week, loves & thank you so much for stopping by –  xo- Neha/Love Playing DressupLovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-29LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-8LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-27 LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-13 LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites_Rocksbox-1 LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites_Rocksbox-1-3LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-3 LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-10 LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-26LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites-17 LovePlayingDressup_PetiteBlogger_NehaGandhi_ShaggyJacket_PhotoShoot_Boston_Blogger_IndianBlogger_Urbanoutfitters_Winterwhites_Rocksbox-1-3

Urban Outfitters shirt, Topshop pants, Amy Clubwear sandals – c/o, Rocksbox necklace, Urban Outfitters jacket, India Trend clutch – c/o